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Grid News
Grid News list liste@grid.latnet.lv has been created to inform about the latest Grid events and to discuss various Grid related issues.

Baltic Grid Users’ Forum

A new Baltic Grid Users’ Forum http://support.balticgrid.org/wiki/ created, that provides canonical, authoritative, and high-quality manuals and instructions relating to the Baltic Grid.

This site provides materials to users of grid resources, and programmers of grid applications. Each page, or sometimes a particular section of a page, is maintained by an individual, participating site, grid organisation, or member nation. If you have questions or find errors, please contact the maintainer of the relevant section or page.

This site provides user manuals and information about;
- Getting a Certificate;
- Loading and installing the Certificate;
- Joining a Virtual Organisation;
- Creating a Proxy;
- Job Operations;
- e.t.c

Grid News are distributed in Latvian.