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How to use Grid
Visit the BalticGrid webpage, where information for both - expert users and novices is gathered on how to use Grid.

These are necessary steps to follow to use BalticGrid:

To be able to register, you have to modify your BalticGrid certificate into PKCS12 format and import it in your browser. That can be done with the following commands:

openssl pkcs12 -export -in JUSUSERTIFIKATS.pem -inkey
SERTIFIKATAPRIVATSLEGA.pem -out PKCS12formatasertifikats.p12

Migrating Desktop

You can run your application on the Grid using the Migration Desktop – the user friendly interface for accessing and using the BG infrastructure. More information available from the BalticGrid home page.

You can download the Migrating Desktop aplication here:

To start using the Migrating Desktop, take a look at the User Manual!