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Application CoPS


Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science University of Latvia

About CoPS:

Application CoPS ­ the Complex Comparison of Protein Structures offers a method applied for exploration of potential evolutionary relationships between the CATH protein domains and their characteristics. The approach is based on the Evolutionary Secondary Structures Matching (ESSM) algorithm for detecting structural mutations, the output of which is then used for construction of fold space graphs.


The results obtained in the application were successfully used for the exploration of the CATH fold space by using fold space graphs for representation of comparison results and estimation of "evolution distance" on the basis of observed changes.
The creation of fold space graphs is done using a self­made tool that's developed on the basis of some GRADE components

Grid enablement:

The CoPS is developed and used by the Baltic States research communities. Usage of the BalticGrid­ II infrastructure significantly improves the outcome of the research as the number of pairwise protein comparisons is few billiards. The application is also using the Protein DataBase (PDB), the size of whitch in uncompressed format is ~ 8GB.
The CoPS is also implemented within the Migrating Desktop ­ intuitive interface to Grid resources

Demo job package:

cops.tar.gz  with a sample PDB (~4MB)

Application has been presented at: