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BalticGrid project

BalticGrid is the European Union sponsored I3 project  that aims to extend the European Grid by integrating new partners from the Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia) in the European Grid research community.

The goals of the BalticGrid are:

  • To develop and integrate the research and education computing and communication infrastructure in the Baltic States into the emerging European Grid infrastructure
  • To bring the knowledge in Grid technologies and use of Grids in the Baltic States to a level comparable to that in EU members states with a longer experience in the development, deployment and operation of Grids
  • further engage the Baltic States in policy and standards setting activities

More information about the Baltic Grid project, activities, partners and upcoming events can be found in the official project website: http://www.balticgrid.org/

IMCS UL is the leading research institution of mathematics and computer science in Latvia. In the BalticGrid project IMCS UL is leading the Network Resource Provisioning activity and will provide management of Grid activities in Latvia, provision of BalticGrid certification and registration services, user training, and promotion of Grid usage.

You can download a short presentation about the project.

SA2 activity deliverables:
Other BalticGrid deliverables: